Employer Vaccination Toolkit

If you’re an employer who is interested in supporting your employees in getting vaccinated,

please review the following information.

Types of vaccination support models

How to submit a worksite mobile clinic request

Other best practices to help employees access vaccines

Vaccination support models

Note: If you are submitting a request to vaccinate less than 100 employees per event/day, you may be asked to consider partnering with another employer or organization within your surrounding area to facilitate an event together. This is an opportunity to partner with other employers or organizations in your neighborhood to vaccinate your community. We want to ensure events are planning to fully use the capacity of vaccination sites to help get your neighborhood to immunity!

Partner with local providers on offsite vaccination events

  1. Fill out a short online survey to provide CDPH with your request and the department will follow up with a list of local providers.
  2. Choose a provider to coordinate with scheduling your employee vaccination event at the provider’s site.
  3. Hold the event on scheduled dates and times and promote widely.

Click here for examples of promotional material that could be shared with employees.

Requesting a Worksite Mobile Clinic

  1. Reach out to the California Department of Public Health about setting up on-site vaccination events.
  2. See “Submitting a Mobile Clinic Request” section below for a step-by-step guide.

Submitting a mobile clinic request

Note: In situations where part of the employer’s workforce is represented by a union, there may be bargaining obligations before implementation of a vaccination program.

  1. Understand your employee vaccination needs:
    • What percentage of your employees need vaccination?
    • Would a worksite vaccination event help support your employees (and potentially their family members) access vaccines?
  2. Review the infrastructure requirements for a worksite mobile clinic.
  3. Submit a support request for the event:
    • Fill out a short online survey to send your request to CDPH.
    • A representative will reach out within 3 business days to follow up.
  4. Help your employees get vaccinated on-site on your schedule:
    • Host the event on scheduled dates and times and promote widely.
    • Click here for examples of promotional material that could be shared with employees.
  5. Have additional questions? Contact: mobilevaccinesites@cdph.ca.gov

Other best practices to promote COVID-19 vaccines

Help Employees Find and Book Vaccinations

Appointments are available to schedule at convenient times or on a walk-in basis. Click here to learn more or call the CA COVID-19 Hotline at 1-833-422-4255 (8am-8pm).

Share Vaccinate ALL 58 Educational Materials

Find downloadable materials to support outreach of vaccination information.

Promote Resources that Support Employees in Getting Vaccinated

  • California employees in the public or private sectors who work for employers with more than 25 employees are entitled to COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave that may be used for a vaccine appointment or if they cannot work or telework due to vaccine-related side effects.
  • Provide guidance from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Department of Industrial Relations to assist employees and employers on frequently asked questions about how to keep workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while also upholding civil rights.
  • Medical or non-medical rides are available on MyTurn.ca.gov or via the CA COVID-19 Hotline at 1-833-422-4255 (8AM-8PM)for those needing assistance to reach clinics.
  • For employees and family members who cannot easily leave their homes due to fragile health, at-home vaccination services are available: